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Dear guests!

     Welcome to the Eurasian Industrial Forum and Exhibition 2017 in Astana, which will be held from 21 to 23 June 2017 in the EXHIBITION CENTER “KORME”, 3 Dostyk street, Astana, Republic of Kazakhstan.

     The Eurasian Forum solves problems of promoting the industry innovative development in its different fields. And at the same time representatives of 107 countries of the world will be able to conduct business meetings with the exhibition participants, involved in the largest  exhibition in the world, "Expo 2017".

     The Forum’s and the exhibition’s key to success is a practical presentation of the leading achievements in the industry, planning and arrangement of scientific and business programs, round tables and a wide range of innovative projects.

     The Forum’s participants will be able to: demonstrate their products to numerous customers and launch the cooperation program with them within the shortest time possible; find new partners from different industries: power engineering and electrical engineering, communications, engineering and other industries; expand sales geography and volumes.

     We ensure that the results obtained from business contacts on the Eurasian Forum, will enable the business scientists and engineers to find new ideas and solutions, as well as practical applications in the industry (power, cable and mechanical engineering), lubricants technical diagnostics.

The Forum’s topics are the following:

  • Cable network in the industry and energetics
  • Power line
  • Equipment and materials for electrical networks
  • Tools for testing, control and repair of cable lines in the industry and energy sectors
  • Cooling lubricants. Technologies and equipment
  • Rust protection in industry and the energy sectors
  • Repair and diagnostics of transformers
  • Equipment and technologies for renewable energy sources
  • Investments in renewable energy sources
  • Science and innovations in the industry
  • Pumps and compressors
  • Equipment and technologies for oil and gas energy complex
  • Pipes and pipe fittings
  • Equipment for non-destructive testing and technical diagnostics
  • Fire safety
  • Turbine equipment.